Having Zendaya perform with me, I think is a huge.. huge treat for our audience and for all our fans to see us dance again.. & just a huge treat for me.. personally to be able to get together again with her and share the stage with such incredible talent. - Val on Zendaya for DWM: Sway (x)

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite valdaya pic?

mayyyyybe… :3

Tbh, any and every pic that V is looking at Z is a picture I adore.especially because he is a “grown ass” man that looks at her like she’s the most precious thing to ever enter his life omg i just made myself sad. T halp me! le sigh. 

This is the pic I love:

but also this picture:

because they’re so funny and i really question how he stayed in that position… whilst going against a little thing called GRAVITY! el oh el



because Alex’s sloppiness should be applauded

but there are so many more!

Anonymous asked:

Hi! So my question is do you thing V and Z are Officially together? I know sure as all hell Z has feeling for him and I believe V has feelings for her but a official couple... not sure yet. I always imagined valdaya as a down the road couple. Like you know they love eachother but as of right now its not official I think I'll give them about 3 years before their engaged. I think of that quote from that football star who saw them at a show who said 'that's his wife and that's her husband. 7 years'

ohh. Then why didn’t you mention we were already on the same page (x) ;}

[[MORE]]Umm. I’m not sure that quote was ever real :x (tho it’s definitely something anyone can see from a mile away). For the most part, I have to agree with you anon bby. I have no doubt in my mind that they are endgame and will always be in each other’s lives… but I’m not so sure they’re “official” right now. Tbh, what they have (whatever it may be at this stage) doesn’t even have a name imo. They love each other like family, yet they’re not related. They hangout like best friends, yet they have their own bffs. They talk and text “all the time”, yet they’re not boyfriend-and-girlfriend. He’s her “big bro”, yet she doesn’t mention her r e a l siblings ever and she sure didn’t ask her biological brothers for their opinion on her debut album cover… w00ps. 

As you can see they have a very unique (for lack of a better word) relationship… but as a shipper, I wouldn’t change it for the world; it gives it that special Valdaya flavor. ;}

also: ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords. Always.